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Couple Counselling

How can couple counselling help?


Couple counselling can help you if you:

-feel your relationship is going nowhere

-argue a lot   

-worry that you drink too much  

 Or that you have:

- discovered your partner is having an affair

- had a new baby and are struggling

- lost sexual desire


 Perhaps you are facing:

- your children leaving home

- unemployment

- retirement

- death of a parent or child

- the stress of relocation through work

- separation or divorce


Couple therapy aims to help you get your relationship back on track by making lasting changes. Equally, if you have decided to separate, it can help you part amicably.


How to book a session


If you would like to book a session, please contact Amita Sehgal on 07947 676266. Alternatively, you can e-mail her: amita.sehgal@btinternet.com. Amita sees clients at her practice in Bloomsbury, London.


Fourth Floor (Room 411D) Hamilton House 

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