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Our essential work is only made possible through the individual donations and the generous financial support provided by various organisations. Even smalls donations can make a big impact on our work. If you would like to make a donation, please consider the following options:

Individual Donors:

PayPal:  We are currently in the process of registering with PayPal so that we can accept donations through their service. If you are interested in donating to WCC, please return to this page in a few days. 

The Giving Machine: You can now find Waterloo Community Counselling on The Giving Machine, a great fundraising site that lets you raise donations for Waterloo Community Counselling whenever you shop online.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost you (or us) a penny!

The Giving Machine is a fundraising charity setup to help other charitable causes raise money online. By signing up and shopping online via The Giving Machine you will generate a free cash donation for us. With over 2,200 of your favourite retailers, including Ebay, M&S, NEXT, Tui, Sainsbury, John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners, you are bound to find what you need and generate a donation.

Click here to to start raising free donations  and join – it’s that easy.

Amazon Smile: When you shop online make sure you use Amazon Smile. Choose Waterloo Community Counselling as your chosen charity and Amazon will gives 0.5% of the price from each order you make to support our counselling services.

Corporate donors:

Choose WCC as your chosen charity and we will work closely with you and your staff to create an engaging partnership which delivers a big impact. Contact the fundraising team on

How will we spend your money?

Your generous donations will be directly used in the practical running our counselling service. We provide either free or Low Cost counselling to individuals across London and as such we are almost totally dependent on donations from organisations and individuals. This means that your money quite literally goes towards helping vulnerable and at risk individuals across London access essential mental health support. 

Your money might be spent hiring an interpreter to help a client be seen in a language the we cannot otherwise provide, alternatively your money might mean that we can now even hire a counsellor who speaks a specific, much requested language. This means that we can now start to support a whole new group of people who previously we might not have been able to support.

Whilst we are so lucky to have a hugely diverse teams of volunteer counsellors who speak a variety of languages and form the backbone of our service, we are also grateful to work with highly qualified, specialised counsellors and an amount of our funding goes towards giving these clinicians a fare wage to carry out their important work. 

Your donation could also help pay the salaries of the small but dedicated team of administrators and office staff who work tirelessly to keep Waterloo Community Counselling operational during this economically-trying and socially challenging time.

Years of national austerity measures, cuts to welfare and social care has made it increasingly difficult for socially vulnerable and economically impoverished people to survive in this hostile society. Simultaneously, decades of war, conflict and unrest overseas has lead, worldwide, to millions of desperate and often highly-traumatised refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants. Some of them find themselves here in the UK, hoping for a better life but many quickly discover the cruel bureaucratic system of the Home Office and  can become dependent on charities, services and food banks for vital support.

More people are in need of mental health support than ever before and we are pleased to be able to help them, but we need you as well – the more money we can raise the more people we can help.

Thank you