Frequently Asked Questions

Low Cost Service


How Much Will My Counselling Cost?

The table below is a guide. The counselling fee is discussed at the assessment meeting and we take everyone’s circumstances into consideration when agreeing the fee.

If clients wish to see a qualified counsellor, the minimum fee for sessions is £40.




Counselling Fee

Assessment Fee

Band 1- Concessions

Unemployed/receiving Benefits*


£15- £20



Band 2

£10k- £15k



£20- £25


£30- £37.50

Band 3

£16k- £20k



£26- £35


£39- £52.50

Band 4

£21k- £25k





£54- £67.50

Band 5

£26k- £35k



£46- £55


£69- £82.50

Band 6

£36k- £45k



£56- £65


£84- £95

Band 7

£46k +



£66- £85


£96- £125.50


*If the client is receiving benefits, they qualify for the concessionary rate. They must show proof that they are receiving benefits (ideally the bank statement). Without this, they will not qualify for the discounted rate.

What happens at my assessment appointment?

The assessment appointment is where you will discuss with a counsellor your reasons for seeking help and if at the end both you and the counsellor agree we are the right service for you, we will place you on our waiting list for counselling. It is an opportunity for you to give us your up-to-date availability and your counsellor preferences.

How long does the assessment last?

The assessment appointment is 1hr – 1hr30mins.

How do I book an assessment?

Please phone the office on: 020 7928 3462 to book an assessment with us. During the lockdown, however, please fill in the referral form on the contact us page

How long will I wait before being placed with a counsellor?

Our wait time after your assessment appointment is 4 – 12weeks. We match counsellors based on your availability and preferences, however if you are only able to commit to a limited timeframe, it will take longer for you to be placed.

Am I guaranteed to be placed with a counsellor after my assessment?

Every person that we see must be discussed and agreed with our clinical team, if we do not feel we are the right service to support you, we will signpost you to other services.

How frequent will my sessions be?

Once you are offered a start date for counselling, your sessions will take place with the same counsellor, every week on the same day and at the same time.

Do I have to pay for missed/ cancelled sessions?

Yes, our policy is to charge for all missed or cancelled sessions. If you have booked a holiday before you started your counselling contract, we will not charge you for those sessions. If your counsellor cancels your session, they will give you as much notice as possible and there will be no charge.

Is a trainee counsellor able to offer a professional service?

Yes, the WCC team is made up of qualified counsellors and trainee counsellors who are undertaking accredited courses. All trainee counsellors are supervised in- house by accredited supervisors.

Can I request a different counsellor?

If you feel the counsellor allocated to you is not a good match, we encourage you to discuss this with your counsellor. If you feel this is not resolved, you can request to be seen by a different counsellor by contacting the office.

Can I access a copy of my notes?

As a client of Waterloo Community Counselling you are entitled to recieve a copy of an attendance letter with the details of your sessions with us. You are also entitled to recieve a copy of assessment notes, if you were offered one by our service. 

We charge £18 for a copy of attendance letters and £25 for assessments. 

If you would like to recieve a copy of these documents please contact the admin team on